NYC Fashion Week: Reflections on Where High-End Rugs and Fashion Collide

          As another fabulous NYC Fashion Week ends, another chance to reflect begins.           Artists learn so much from other crafts to create bold work — one of many lessons we learn from Bauhaus. Rug & Kilim’s Josh Nazmiyal reminds us of this daily. Our collections are often ‘contributions’ to styles and movements in other mediums — […]

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High-Low Banner 2

High-and-Low Rugs and Kilims: A Brief Style Guide

    What are High-and-Low Rugs and Kilims?      Some say that high-and-low rugs are having a moment, but not us. That would imply they were ever out of style, or anything less than fabulous and full of possibilities.           Our “Textural/High Low” classification includes any rug and flat weave […]

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Patchwork Kilim Install

The One-of-a-Kind Patchwork Rug: What to Know and Love in this Weaving Style, Classic to Contemporary

  What are patchwork rugs, and why are they one of a kind?           Rug & Kilim’s next wave of patchwork rugs arrives this month. With it comes an opportunity to zoom in on the fabulous new form, and its subtle nod to classic styles.          “Patchwork” is […]

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Top 20 Rugs and Kilims of August 2022: Team Picks by Rug & Kilim

            Summer is soon to be fall, and change is on our minds.           Kids are back in school, and colleagues are back from their summer homes. One season of projects winds down, as a promising many for the fall already begin to flow in. New […]

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Custom Rug Banner

First Look: Designer Brock Forsblom’s Lipstick Living Room Rug Sample

          Rug & Kilim took this project for Brock Forsblom — an inspired designer Josh has known since his beginnings with Ingrao Inc.  Brock is a warm person with an open mind, and his many accolades reflect that same confidence and youthful energy. His style is one of subtle distinction, just […]

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Chused & Co. Flatweave

5 Rugs and Kilims that Redefine ‘Simple’ Design

          What do these features from some of our favorite projects this year have in common?            The answer is simple — and that’s ‘simplicity itself.           We see a subtle, but fascinating trend in ‘simple’ aesthetics in handmade rugs, and the opportunities have been a delight. We’ve had entire collections devoted to reinventing what a ‘simple’ rug […]

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Home Studios Gabbeh rug

The Love and Lore of Persian Gabbeh Rugs: Rug & Kilim’s Rare New Curation of Classic Tribal Rugs

            What are Gabbeh rugs, and why is Rug & Kilim so eager to welcome so many to our collection?           If you’ve been keeping an eye on our antique and vintage collection, you have every reason to be excited, too. Many of its newest additions […]

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Angelo by Billy Cotton

5 Homes to Fawn Over in “Billy Cotton: Interior & Design Work”

          Adding to Josh Nazmiyal’s already impressive library of A&D books is a design nerd’s dream, disguised as work. So it almost feels like cheating when one of your colleague’s favorite designers becomes a new favorite author, too.            To that end, no one who knows his […]

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Team Rug Picks July 2022

Our Favorite Handmade Rugs and Kilims of July 2022

              July has been a revelation for the Rug & Kilim team: Summer may be our new favorite season.           To be more specific, we’re fascinated to see our Summers become exponentially prolific times in recent years. In an industry where Fall and Winter are […]

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Rug Cleaning Header

Essential FAQs in Handmade Rug Cleaning and Maintenance: Advice from a Bespoke Atelier on High-End Care

             Every interior designer’s space reflects curatorial style — though the best, in our not-so-humble-opinion, build rooms from the rug up.         Our biases aside, whether you do or don’t, the rug is almost always the first thing you notice when walking in a room. Ours is, while […]

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The Scandinavian Collection presents geometric designs delineated with varying pile heights for tactile emphasis, with numerous fresh, refined patterns woven in a unique variety of yarns and classic colorways. Often referred to by Josh Nazmiyal as “a new language in design” the modernist collection celebrates our unprecedented textural diversity, a formidable Kilim line never seen in these spacious sizes, and an exciting departure from traditional geometry that simultaneously embodies the original design.

Some of the most well-received patterns have drawn inspiration from mid-century pioneers of the aesthetic, reimagined with Josh’s deep reverence of the style and his drive to present the vintage style with the utmost quality and possibility. To that end essential functional concerns were innovated, especially in the flat weaves where the original pieces were fewer, smaller and more vulnerable to folding underfoot and we’ve achieved a durable body resistant to buckling or shifting like traditional flat weaves. A number of our Scandinavian Kilim pieces likewise enjoy a subtle, intriguing colorway variation created through the aforementioned blend of undyed, natural yarns, lending to a unique, tasteful sense of movement complementing the classic geometry.

Our goal was to ensure that the soul of Scandinavian design aesthetic in both functionality and minimalism was observed, while durability, beauty and restraint were addressed in kind.



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