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Antique & Vintage

Vintage Rugs and Kilims

Our Vintage and Antique Collection is an archive of rare period pieces to rugs from the mid-century to the 20th century, each selected for its unusual and quirky character, thereby epitomizing rarity. 

Our antique rugs are handpicked from thousands of rare pieces for their regality and never-seen-before designs from across the world, with many unusual expansive sizes such as mansion rugs. The sheer variety and quality of tribal rugs and kilims is unmatched, and the collection even features special Oushak rugs and Agra rugs, and works from as early as the 16th century, and countless provenances including but not limited to Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, China, Romania, Yugoslavia, Czech Republic, England, France, Belgium and Germany, among many others. While Turkish rugs that drew on European sensibilities, such as the timeless pieces by Zeki Müren, found their market in half of Europe, Indian rugs catered to the Western and European market, to emulate the expensive Persian rugs.

43 years later, our ever-growing archive specializes in various sizes, colors, yarns, scales, graphs, origins, exotic weaves, museum-caliber designs and some of the most important and decorative rugs in history. We pride ourselves in our huge inventory of rich vintage and antique pieces, available at the best prices, thanks to our Jahanshah Nazmiyal’s astute market foresight which has afforded us to collect these special pieces. Every rug is only delivered after the approval of our Principal, once thoroughly inspected and repaired if required, in the best workshops. Our experience with cleaning and maintaining classic rugs is also a vital resource our designers rely on — one of several high-end services we offer. 

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