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Rug & Kilim’s modern rugs represent decades of material innovation and craftsmanship. Having worked with the most coveted pieces for 43 years has given us a keen eye and wealth of knowledge to weave luxurious rugs that are livable and aesthetically pleasing. Our approach to modern rugs focuses on playing with textures, yarns, and colors for a very comfortable vibe that allows the room to breathe.  

As pioneers in the industry, we strive to create the future of rugs, both to grow with our colleagues and inspire them to create ahead of their time. Our growing design team has been constantly adding to our modern design archive – released for the first time, with more than 3,000 samples already in stock. Our collection enjoys a diverse selection of contemporary rugs, with a dynamic range of geometric, neo-traditional, and abstract rug designs with attention to scale, texture, color, and every unique element that makes them one of a kind.

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