Textural Rugs and Kilims

After 43 years immersed in this craft, we are as neutral as possible in making simple, yet rich textural rugs where ‘simple’ never means ‘ordinary.’ With a wealth of textures, colors, pile heights, yarns and natural fibers, our Design team delivers plain rugs on-time, with the utmost care and precision. We continue to introduce new and unusual weaves, dyeing methods, textures and fibers to constantly redefine simple rugs and the sense of movement within them that no other patternless rug can offer. We add dimensionality to these inventive solid rugs by being highly attentive to yarn quality, blend of materials, lush textures and movement of colors. 

What served as a foundation for Jahanshah Nazmiyal to experiment with weaves and textures, and as mediums for color references, has proudly become the biggest part of our business today. With comfort and functionality in mind before anything, our textural rug collection complements a modern penthouse and country home alike. To that end, Rug & Kilim’s relationships with the finest looms in the world today have also made this minimalist collection one of the most custom accessible in our repertoire.

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