Moroccan Rugs and Kilims

Our Moroccan rug collection includes both a rare curation of antique and vintage rugs as well as our contemporary works inspired by this family of weaving styles.

Every classic we curate is exemplary of the uniquely personal charm in hand-knotted primitivist rugs of the Berber weavers and their descendants. From Azilal to Beni Ourain, Boucherouite rugs, Boujad, Beni Mguild rugs, and even collectible Tuareg mats, we specialize in Moroccan rugs, runners, flatweave rugs and shag rugs of exceptional condition, rare size and equally rare beauty.

Along with the inspiration from classic antique and vintage designs, this collection also features our modern take on these styles, with bold color and size variations, high-end construction, and custom accessibility. 


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