Mid-Century Modern

Mid-Century Modern

Mid-Century Modern Style Rugs and Kilims

The Mid-Century Modern collection by Rug & Kilim represents founder Josh Nazmiyal’s hope to honor the iconic aesthetic pioneered by designers of the 1950s in the limelight of modern design as it’s never been presented in the luxury rug industry before. These newly released additions represent the first major production of mid-century style fabric patterns as custom, high-quality luxury rugs in our collaboration with both established and up-and-coming artists sharing our passion for the style.

The collection is the product of several years researching and refining our approach to large-scale drawing, texture, and color in a constantly refined method of capturing the pattern. These new additions marry post-war and atomic age design sensibilities with new design elements as our team collaborates with foundations representing the pioneers of the design as well as contemporary artists sharing Josh’s passion for the historic style.

Including quality wool, a blend of exotic yarns from our collection, and brilliant, luminous silk highlighting key colorways in varied pieces, our archive of Mid Century Modern rugs promises to become one of the most uniquely joyful and reliable resource for decorators sharing our passion for both offering homage and embracing something new in the world of luxury interiors.

The mere mention of mid-century modern style evokes the image of gorgeous experiments in form with smooth-angled furniture and unmistakable textile patterns — the lion’s share of which emerged from the post-modern WW2 design innovations that breathed life and color back into a bleak, industrial period in production. Much like our Scandinavian Collection, what drew our team to study the mid-century modern style in adapting it to our medium (beyond the obvious love of the fabulous work) was to understand it less as a style and more as a movement; a particularly fitting correlation given that our Mid-Century Modern rug collection initially began as an extension of our Scandinavian Collection. More than sharing their halcyon days in the mid-20th century, both the Swedish Modernism and Mid-Century Modern design movements were driven by creative personalities of the period — with many icons behind Scandinavian design having influenced the European and American icons of the 1950s in no coincidence.

To our team, honoring the style in mid-century modern rug making is to honor the pioneers and futurists who brought the now-celebrated style into being in the same way we’ve presented it to the market for the first time — likewise, honoring the modern artists, collaborators, and representatives of foundations who’ve become a part of our journey. 

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