Distressed Homage

Distressed Homage

Distressed Rug Styles

The Homage Collection is an exciting new textural encyclopedia of patterns and colors that is quickly becoming the most prolific of our custom collections.

Unique construction is what unites every rug in the collection, where we reimagined the concept of “shabby chic”, distressed rugs by shearing the pile of the carpet down to a point where the foundation of the carpet appears—giving it a rustic but comfortable essence. More than 150 designs strong, designers have a unique resource of ample stock and samples with one of our most exceptional colorway selections to date. Josh Nazmiyal brings the representations of traditional, transitional, modern impressionism, abstract, Art Deco, mid-century modern, and even American hooked rug patterns to the collection as some of the best of each category.

These are an especially ideal choice for second homes, studios, beach houses, country homes, farmhouses, and young families—easy to maintain, adaptable, and lending a reserved, dignified tone to many projects.

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