Kilim & Flat Weave

Kilim & Flat Weave

Kilims & Flat Weave

Students of Kilims (Kelims, Gelims, or Killims in some traditional spellings) know they’re one of the oldest rug styles, and absolutely one of the most personal. These and similar flatweave rugs are often some of the richest examples of history, folk art and craft in any culture, many of which include archaic, primitivist and tribal provenances like those represented in this archive. 

This Kilim & Flat Weave collection is the largest of any in the world, and includes both antique and vintage pieces as well as the modern works we create. Josh Nazmiyal’s global relationships allow him to curate rare and unusual sizes, exotic weaving variations, and collectibles in Persian Kilims, Turkish Kilims, European Kilims, Balkan Kilims, Bessarabian Kilims, Caucasian Kilims, other tribal Kilims and flatweaves of every culture. So too do his relationships with the most reliable partner looms in the handmade industry, allowing him to expand and refine our custom Kilims to the cutting edge. 

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