Rez Kilim

Rez Kilim

Rez Kilim

“Rez Kilim” is an ambitious contemporary collection of custom flatweaves with a unique inspiration from classics. The full collection of area rugs, oversized rugs, runners, scatter rugs and samples is underscored by a modern take on the classic panel-weaving technique—a time-honored craft in Persian, Turkish, Oriental and tribal Kilims and Jajims by which weavers with limited means and materials wove longer, narrow strips of flatweave and combined them larger room-size rugs.

The construction lends an almost ribbed look and feel to its texture, and a heavier body than normal flatweaves much like that of our Scandinavian Collection—less prone to buckling and shifting under foot traffic and heavy furniture. There’s an impressive range of colors, too, ranging from more minimalist works of cool, light tones and neutrals to some of the most unexpected, playful combinations for bold and bright projects in kind. Each piece is inherently unique, with the personal look of patchwork and rag rug designs in a comfortable, cozy fashion for today.

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