Scandinavian Style Rugs and Kilims

Often referred to by Josh as “a new language in design” the Scandinavian Collection is both the flagship of our modern work and the most sensible encyclopedia of textures, colors, and weaves honoring this style in rugs and Kilims. 

Some of the most well-received patterns in our custom projects, the collection draws inspiration from early- to mid-century pioneers of the aesthetic, reimagined with Josh’s deep reverence of the aesthetic and his drive to present the vintage style with the utmost quality and possibility. A number of our Scandinavian pieces further enjoy subtle, intriguing colorway variations created through the refreshing natural yarns, lending to a unique, tasteful sense of movement complementing the classic geometry.

Our goal was to ensure that the soul of Scandinavian design aesthetic in both functionality and minimalism was observed, while durability, beauty, and restraint were addressed in the introduction of new yarns and weaves to the market. We’ve continued to expand with more innovative designs in flat weaves, pile, natural hemp and aloe pieces, indoor/outdoor quality, and cotton all the time, while simultaneously experimenting with new, fabulous textures like the hand-spun work in our latest Scandinavian Nu.

As our understanding of the Scandinavian Renaissance grew, so too did the effort to do it justice in our own recapturing. 

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