Scandinavian Rugs and Kilims

The Scandinavian Collection represents more than an iconic style, but a contribution to that style to revive and celebrate its founders. Our technique in handweaving Scandinavian rugs and Kilims deliberately and thoughtfully honors its founders — namely the women weavers, artisans, and pioneers of the movement — both in preserving the soul of this style and innovating it for the high-end designer rug market today. 

Josh Nazmiyal and his Design team have spent years studying, reinterpreting and even refining the weaving process to best represent this style in a more accessible modern way. Our take on Scandinavian rugs includes adapting their geometric patterns to large sizes, new textures, a wider range of colors, and a more refined, yet comfortable fashion that still speaks to their intentions. Our Scandinavian flat weave rugs in particular have a thicker, weighty, and durable body that sit comfortably in any space regardless of foot traffic.

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