European Rugs and Kilims

Our European Collection includes the richest selection of antique rugs, vintage rugs, flatweaves, tapestries and contemporary rugs inspired by an encyclopedia of transitional, Neoclassical, impressionist and period piece designs. 

Jahanshah Nazmiyal is a renowned student and curator of these sensibilities, including but not limited to 18th-century Aubusson tapestries, French and Spanish Savonnerie rugs, German hooked rugs, needlepoint rugs, Voysey Arts and Crafts rugs, English Axminster rugs, Irish Donegal rugs, Bessarabian rugs, Italian rugs, Romanian rugs, Austrian rugs and other prominent works from Europe throughout history. These rarities — especially European rugs from the 18th and 19th century — first inspired him to reinterpret their designs, pioneering these rugs in modern textures and weaves that would become his earliest custom collection.

Today, our classic archive continues to grow with rare, unique European rugs from exclusive workshops accumulated over decades, which have witnessed a resurgence in the 21st century and continue to inspire our modern rugs with new approaches to these sensibilities.

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