Rug Appraisal

Welcome to Rug & Kilim, your premier destination for professional rug appraisals. As a trusted authority in the industry, Rug & Kilim has been serving customers in Queens, New York, for an impressive 43 years. Our team of experienced appraisers brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table, ensuring that your treasured rugs and kilims receive accurate and comprehensive valuations. Whether you have a family heirloom, a beloved souvenir, or an investment piece, we understand these textile gems' sentimental and financial significance. At Rug & Kilim, we take pride in preserving the rich cultural heritage and artistry woven into each rug, providing unparalleled insights and trusted assessments.

How Does An Antique Rug Appraisal Work?

At Rug and Kilim, we pride ourselves on having a team of experts who deal with antique rugs on a daily basis, enabling us to provide precise and reliable valuations. With 43 years of experience in perfecting our knowledge, we are dedicated to evaluating your antique rug as accurately as possible.

As the antique rug market is constantly evolving, we remain proactive in staying updated with new appraisal techniques. This ensures that we can identify and appreciate specific colors, patterns, technical features, materials, and more. By thoroughly understanding its age, design, coloration, condition, size, and material, we can establish the true price and value of your cherished antique rug. Our commitment to continuous learning allows us to offer you the most comprehensive and informed appraisal service available.

How Do We Determine An Antique Rug's Value?

An antique rug appraisal is a meticulous process that involves several key steps to determine the value and authenticity of the rug.  Our appraisal process at Rug & Kilim typically works:

  • Visual Inspection: The first step in the appraisal process is a thorough visual inspection of the antique rug. We examine the rug's overall condition, including any wear and tear, repairs, stains, or fading. They also look for unique features, patterns, and colors that can help identify the rug's origin and age.
  • Documentation & Provenance: Our team gathers information about the rug's history, known as provenance. This may include any available documentation, previous ownership records, or family history associated with the rug, as it can significantly impact its value.
  • Origin & Design Analysis: Experts analyze the rug's design, motifs, and weaving techniques to determine its region of origin and cultural influences. This information plays a vital role in establishing the rug's historical and artistic value.
  • Material & Craftsmanship Assessment: Our team identifies the rug's materials, such as wool, silk, or cotton, and evaluates the quality of craftsmanship. Fine details like knot density, weave structure, and the use of natural dyes contribute to the rug's value.
  • Market Research: Our appraisers stay up-to-date with the current market trends and auction results for similar antique rugs. This research helps them assess the rug's potential resale value in the current market.
  • Comparative Analysis: By comparing the antique rug with similar pieces from the same region and period, the appraiser can better understand its rarity and significance, contributing to the final appraisal value.
  • Appraisal Report: After completing the assessment, the appraiser compiles a detailed appraisal report. This document includes all the findings, supporting evidence, and the final appraised value of the antique rug.

How Can I Get My Rug Appraised By Rug & Kilim?

At Rug & Kilim, there are three convenient ways to get your antique carpet appraised:

  1. Email Appraisal: You can initiate the appraisal process by sending us an email with all the relevant information about your antique rug. Include details such as the place of purchase, the seller's information, manufacturing year, dimensions, and any other pertinent details. Please attach high-resolution photos of the rug as well. Once we receive your email, we will promptly fix an appointment for the appraisal.

  2. Call for Assessment: If you prefer a more direct approach, simply give us a call and inform our team that you wish to have your antique rug appraised. Our knowledgeable staff will work with you to determine the most suitable method to assess and appraise your valuable rug.

  3. In-Store Visit: You are welcome to visit our store for the appraisal, but please note that appointments are necessary for this service. Once you have scheduled your visit, our specialists will be ready to assist you. Additionally, if you find it more convenient, we can arrange for our experts to visit your home for the appraisal process if you are located in New York City.

Choose the method that best suits your preferences, and we'll ensure that your antique rug receives the expert evaluation it deserves.

Why get a rug evaluation?


Rug & Kilim is dedicated to providing you with the highest possible replacement value for your rug, whether it's for insurance purposes or personal reasons. In the unfortunate event that your rug suffers irreparable damage due to fire, flood, or any other means, we guarantee that you will receive maximum compensation from your insurance company. Our aim is to ease the burden during challenging times for you and your loved ones.

Private Sale or Auction

Considering selling a magnificent Moroccan, Scandinavian, or antique rug? Prior to making any decisions, it is crucial to know its current market value, which is why getting it appraised by our experts is essential. Through our meticulous appraisal process, potential buyers can gain valuable insights into its worth and other critical details, enabling you to secure the highest possible price for your treasured rug.

Charitable Contributions

Many of our customers have chosen to donate their antique rugs to museums, non-profit organizations, or charities for tax deductions over the years. If you are considering making such a charitable contribution and wish to include it as proof of its worth on your taxes, you'll need an accurate appraisal that reflects the true value of your generous donation.

Purchasing a Rug

Interior designers and rug buyers frequently seek our services to assess the fair market value of rugs they wish to purchase. We are always pleased to assist in these cases. By acquiring knowledge through our appraisals, you can ensure that you make informed decisions, avoid overspending, or even use our appraisal as leverage for negotiations. Our clients have been pleasantly surprised by the substantial savings achieved with our expert guidance!

Frequently Asked Questions About Rug Appraisals

1How long does the appraisal process take?
The time it takes to complete a rug appraisal can vary depending on several factors, such as the complexity of the rug, its age, condition, size, and the availability of relevant information. On average, a standard rug appraisal can take anywhere from a few days to a week. However, in some cases, it may take longer, especially if the appraiser needs to conduct in-depth research or if there are unique aspects of the rug that require careful examination.
2Will I need to ship my rug for apprasial?
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3What do you need from me for the rug appraisal?
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